Коврик для йоги TPE 173x61x0,4 см Meteor MT31293 (2364)

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Mat is the basic tool for every person practicing yoga. The METEOR product also works well during fitness exercises.

The mat is made of special TPE thermoplastic foam which ensures high durability. In addition, TPE material is environmentally friendly - recyclable.

Two-sided cellular structure provides the perfect adhesion of the mat to the substrate, thereby reducing the risk of injury. Due to good insulation properties, the mat does not absorb moisture and does not increase its mass. In addition, it is reasonably thick, guaranteeing excellent cushioning. It does not deform under pressure, allowing for comfortable exercises, both kneeling and lying.


1. The mat is suitable for hand-cleaning at temperatures up to 30 degrees.

2. Do not mash or dry the dryer in the dryer. In order to dry the mat it should be laid flat or rolled with a towel.

3. Wet or wet mat may lose its anti-slip properties.


  • Material: TPE
  • Dimensions: 173 x 61 x 0.4 cm
  • Color: pink - grey
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