Minge fotbal Wilson N5 SPORTIVO II SB SIBKYE SZ5 WTE8626XB05 (454)

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  • Indoor/outdoor football, Size5, Standard size for kids and adults, Ages 14 and Up
  • Football adapted to rough and synthetic surfaces thanks to special coating, Carbon-Fiber pattern design for a durable and eye catching ball
  • Ball maintains shape thanks to moulded rubber construction, Durable due to leather material, TPE foam for enhanced control
  • Optimal air pressure 0,6 to 1,1 bar, Simple and quick to inflate with a ball pump (available separately), in a sports store or gas station
Producător și model
  • Tip Fotbal
  • Cantitatea Max/Angro da
  • Marimea 5
  • Nivel antrenament
  • Material polyurethane (PU)
  • Producător WILSON