Panou baschet 110x70 cm cu inel 48 cm Spartan San Francisco S1150 (3664)

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SPARTAN San Francisco Basketball Basket

High quality and durable basketball basket SPARTAN
San Francisco is ready for wall mounting, gates, etc. It is suitable for recreational use. The 30 mm thick plastic basket panel has rear ribs and reinforcing V-shaped metal bars for secure and solid wall mounting. On a backboard with typical red lines, is fiexd a basketball basket with a 48 cm diameter steel rim and weather-resistant mesh .

Technical description:

  • resistant reflective plate
  • weather resistant msh
  • rim diameter: 48 cm
  • dimensions of backboard: L110 x W70 cm
  • backboard thickness: 30 mm
  • distance of holes on the base for wall installation: 13 x 13 cm
  • material: hardened plastic (backboard), steel (frame)
  • weight: 12 kg
  • for recreational use indoors and outdoors