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Despre noi

Compania "Sport Line" a fost înregistrată 24 decembrie 1996.

Scopul principal al organizației – dezvoltarea culturii fizice și sportului în Republica Moldova.

Oferim articole sportive pentru toate genurile de sport, odihnă și turism, echipament pentru sălile sportive.

Intrați, sunați, scrieți - vă vom încânta plăcut cu o varietate de articole sportive și prețuri accesibile!

"Sport Line" este reprezentantul oficial al următoarelor mărci mondiale:

The largest manufacturer and retailer of fitness in Czech Republic.

The famous worldwide Company of team sport: basketball, voleyball, fotball, american football, badminton.

The company was founded in 1923. It is considered one of the leading suppliers of accessories for swimming and water sports.

The company's products are in demand in the EU, CIS, Eastern Europe and beyond.

Handelshaus Dittmann GmbH was founded in Franconian Fuchsstadt by Horst Dittmann in 1996 and operates worldwide as a production and sales company.

Their customers include many well-known European discount stores and wholesalers. A famous trading company with many years of experience in Asian import business, Dittmann GmbH is a strong business partner for many European companies.

Yakimasport is a company that offers top quality, EU Certified Football Goals and Training Accessories. Our mission is to provide coaches with training aids that will help them to lead valuable, interesting and modern training. We are highly committed to children, youth and senior practice with equipment which supports in strive to enhence football skills as well as general agility and fitness.

We pride ourselves on supplying Football Training Accessories and Football Goals to National Teams, Top Football Clubs as well as lower tier Teams, Regional Clubs, Football Accademies, Regional Football Associations, Schools and Training Centers for UEFA EURO 2012, We deliver our products in Europe as well as to the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Iran, Egipt and other countries in the Middle East.

A popular Hungarian brand that produces high-quality sporting goods for football, water Polo, handball, basketball, and volleyball.