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Свисток Molten Dolfin Pro (2557)

Свисток Molten Dolfin Pro (2557)

Код товара: 2557
215 леев

по Кишиневу 100 леев
по Молдове есть


Strong immediate sound with a rich, sharp and high pitch. DOLFIN PRO whistle's rich, sharp, high-pitched tone reaches every corner of the court, overcoming the deafening roar of a basketball arena.

Whistle features a tough polycarbonate mouthpiece with a vertical reinforcing rib. Whistle was developed exclusively for basketball referees who need the ability to remain mobile while holding the whistle firmly in their mouth.

  • Pea-less whistle
  • With adjustable lanyard
  • Best for Smaller & Quieter Audience, Standard Loudness (Easy to Blow)
  • Tuned for Indoor Arena
  • Strong immediate sound with thick and sharp high pitch
  • Durable mouthpiece (Reinforced plastic with Vertical reinforcing rib)
  • 4.10kHz&3.74kHz, 4 octaves
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