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Мяч футбольный Wilson N5 NCAA STIVALE II WTE9803XB05 (537) Approved NCAA, NFHS


Мяч футбольный Wilson N5 NCAA STIVALE II WTE9803XB05 (537) Approved NCAA, NFHS

Код товара: 537
На складе
590  леев
395 леев

по Кишиневу 50 леев
по Молдове есть


To play in the championship game, you have to practice like a champion. 

The NCAA Stivale II is the top training ball that can be used to get you ready for the next match.

  • Top Training Ball
  • Approved for play by NCAA and the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS)
  • 20-panel fused-panel construction
  • Highly visibile, tech-graphics with color accents allowing the player to easily track the ball
  • Composite TPU cover for enhanced durability
  • Panels backed with high-density EVA foam for high-energy return upon impact with a soft touch and precision control
  • Performance butyl rubber bladder designed for a balanced, round shape with consistent rebound performance and extedned air control
  • Product SKU(s)WTE9803ID05, WTE9806ID05
    Ball Bladder ConstructionButyl Rubber
    Ball Cover Construction20-Panel Sewn
    Ball Cover MaterialComposite TPU Leather
    Ball LiningEva Foam
    Approved ByNCAA, NFHS

для соревнований
синтетическая кожа
Approved NCCA (National Collegiate Athletic Association)
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