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Теннисный стол Indoor Sponeta S8-36 ITTF approved (green) (под заказ)

Теннисный стол Indoor Sponeta S8-36 ITTF approved (green) (под заказ)

Код товара: art. S8-36
Под заказ
20000 леев

по Кишиневу есть
по Молдове есть


Table tennis ITTF approved

  • Sponeta Championline Indoors
  • indoor table, not weatherproof
  • Only suitable for dry rooms within buildings
  • Not  resistant to heat, coldness, incident solar radiation and humidity (relative humidity higher than 60%)
  • european standard: EN-Norm 14468-1
  • High quality demands in an international scope.

table top/frame profile

  • chipboard 25 mm
  • multi-coated
  • frame profile A-60 mm, powder-coated


  • Super-compact (type 5)
  • rectangle-tube-profile 60 x 40 mm, powder-coated
  • 4 wheels (diameter 125 mm) with rubber tread, all wheels are manoeuvrable
  • balance of different standing positions and unevenness up to 30 mm through height adjustment on the outer legs
  • two gas pressure springs for weight neutralisation of the tabletops by fold out and fold up the table
  • when placing the table in storage position, several tables can be placed into each other
  • the table tennis table is ready assembled

Locking system

  • handle system with metal handle underneath the tabletop unlocks both of the safety devices simultaneously
  • simple and automatic click-mechanism in storage and playing position of the table


  • playing position: l=274 cm x w=152,5 cm x h=76 cm (in accordance with international dimensions)
  • storage position: l=152,5 cm x w=55 cm x h=162 cm


  • table top qualtiy: competition
  • frame profile colour: black (RAL 9011)
  • undercarriage colour: anthracite metallic
  • add-on: without
  • accessories: without


  • gross weight: 135.5 kg
  • net weight: 109.5 kg
  • Producer: SPONETA Germany
стол для зала / indoor
Уличный / для помещений
для помещений
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