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Стартовые колодки inSPORTline 13233 (под заказ)

Стартовые колодки inSPORTline 13233 (под заказ)

Код товара: IN 13233
Под заказ
3100 леев

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Starting Blocks inSPORTline ST5000 are solid steel blocks that will enable you to achieve the best possible results. The ergonomically shaped anti-slip pedals can be moved along the rail, always by 2.5 cm. What's more, thanks to the 4 different possible adjustments, everyone will find their starting position. This starting block is suitable for the most commonly used running track surfaces – tartan track and granulated polyurethane. It is secured to the ground with 3 long and 12 short stakes. The assembly of Starting Blocks inSPORTline ST5000 is extremely easy (all the mounting parts are included).

Technical description:

  • Steel starting block
  • Ergonomically shaped, anti-slip pedals
  • Adjustable pedal position (no re-installation required)
  • Firmly secured to ground
  • 3 long stakes (10 cm)
  • 12 short stakes
  • Suitable for most commonly used running track surfaces
  • Material: steel
  • Overall length: 87 cm
  • Rail width: 9 cm
  • Pedal dimensions: 18 x 12 cm
  • Pedal positions: 45°, 50°, 60°, 67°
  • Pedal spacing: 2.5 cm
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