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Wrist Trainer inSPORTline Vristo is perfect for strengthening both the wrist and the forearm. It consists of comfortable foam handles, strong winding rope and a steel weight plate holder. The multi-purpose, holder with 60 mm in diameter can hold weight plates of any diameter. Moving the wrists, you wind the rope up on the spool in between the handles. As the rope is 116 cm long, it is perfect not only for strengthening wrists, but also for developing your strength endurance. Thanks to its compact size, Wrist Trainer inSPORTline Vristo takes up almost no space and is therefore easy to store. All of the above makes Wrist Trainer inSPORTline Vristo a popular home-use training accessory.

Technical description:

  • Effective wrist and forearm exercise
  • Strength and strength endurance development
  • One size – can hold any weight plates
  • Long padded foam handles
  • Takes up almost no space
  • Weight limit: 25 kg
  • Handle length: 14.5 cm
  • Handle diameter: 3 cm
  • Rope length: 116 cm
  • Plate holder diameter: 60 mm
  • Plate holder height: 17 cm
  • Material: steel, foam, synthetic fiber