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Стул c гимнастическим мячом inSPORTline 10971 (2957)

Стул c гимнастическим мячом inSPORTline 10971 (2957)

Код товара: 2957
На складе
1550  леев
1400 леев

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Ball Chair inSPORTline G-Chair Basic

Ball Chair inSPORTline G-Chair Basic is an ideal solution for those who spend long hours sitting – be it at a desk at work or at home. Sitting on a gym ball forces the middle of your body into the correct posture (the correct pelvis and spine position), making you sit upright. Because you need to keep balance, deep stabilizing muscles are engaged. The correct sitting posture is important, as it eliminates muscle tension, back pain, uneven strain on your spine, migraines and other problems. Compared to sitting on a simple gym ball, the chair ball is much more stable, because it is inserted into a sturdy frame holding it in place.

As safety is a top priority, inSPORTline G-Chair Basic is made of a durable PE material, while the ball is made of PVC. The wheels are equipped with a locking mechanism. After unlocking the wheels, you can move around the room as with a standard office chair. With the wheels locked, on the other hand,  you will have a comfortable and stable chair. The ball can be removed and used for sport, relaxation or reconvalescence.

Sitting behind a desk for long doesn’t have to be such a strain on your body anymore. Ball Chair inSPORTline G-Chair guarantees comfy sitting, both at the office or at home.

Technical description:

  • Perfect chair for long-term sitting
  • Strong and stable frame
  • Anti-slip surface
  • 4 wheels with a lock
  • Removable gym ball
  • Pump included
  • Frame material: polyethylene
  • Ball material: highly durable PVC
  • Ball diameter: 49 cm
  • Dimensions: W 61 x L 53 x H 80 cm
  • Weight limit: 135 kg
  • Weight: 5.5 kg
  • User height: 155-185 cm
  • To be used both at the office or at home



  • Forces the middle of your body into the correct posture
  • Sitting provides balance training
  • Engages deep stabilizing muscles
  • Relieves stress and back pain
  • Prevents unilateral strain on the spine
  • Reduces the risk of a migrane
  • Gym ball can be used for relaxation and recovery exercises



Sturdy frame with wheels

The ball chair’s base is made of high-quality PE material. It ensures high durability and therefore also long service life. The chair has four lockable wheels. You can therefore use it as a regular chair or a moving office chair. 



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