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Стол теннисный 5 мм Sponeta Outdoor 3-47e blue (3649)

Стол теннисный 5 мм Sponeta Outdoor 3-47e blue (3649)

Код товара: 3649
16500 леев

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model specification

  • Sponeta S3 line outdoor
  • outdoor table, weatherproof
  • european standard: EN-Norm 14468-1
  • for active leisure time

detailed pictures

  • net
  • surface
  • wheels
  • locking system
  • undercarriage
  • bat and ball holder
  • safety bar

net set


  • stationary net set
  • net holding profile with fixing plate and post, powder-coated
  • net: black, with loop (Ø 8 mm)
  • measurement: l= approx. 180 cm x h=15,2 cm
  • plastic keder Ø 6 mm in accordance with the height of the net

table top / frame profile

  • melamine resin board 5 mm
  • colour: blue
  • limited impact-resistant
  • top resistant against dampness
  • strongly fixed with metal frame
  • frame profil L-36 mm, powder-coated


  • Automatic (type 4a)
  • square-profile 25 x 25 mm, powder-coated
  • safety bar prevents from climbing between or staying between the two table tops
  • 4 double wheels (diameter 125 mm), all 4 wheels are manoeuvrable
  • bat and ball holder on both sides
  • playback-position possible (for solo training)

locking system

  • look-system with simple and automatic click-mechanism in the storage and playing position of the table


  • frame profile colour: black (RAL 9005)
  • undercarriage colour: window grey (RAL 7040)
  • brace color: black (9011)
  • including assembly instruction with language booklet
  • accessories (bats and balls) not included in scope of delivery


  • playing position: l=274 cm x w=152,5 cm x h=76 cm (in accordance with international dimensions)
  • storage position: l=152,5 cm (with net 184 cm) x w=65 cm x h=189 cm

Type A - Single carton for vertical transport

  • stable single carton for one piece of table tennis table
  • labeling of the cartons with product description, article number and GTIN-Code
  • H = 162 x L = 144 x B = 9 - 15,5 cm (depending on the model)


  • net weight: 53 kg
  • gross weight (including packaging): 58.5 kg

Made in Germany

100 % German workmanship

Our goods are checked permanently during the production run. We are producing exclusively in our own factory in Schlotheim; from the first product sketch up to the final check we do never give any responsibility out of hand.

Internal and external quality checks secure each single process step of product development and production as well as of service, assembly and logistics.

Our own testing laboratory enables both checks during the production and short-term course correction as well as improvement action if necessary.

Only after the product has proved in extensive exercise tests that it meets all requirements it becomes part of our inventory.

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Производитель и модель
Основные характеристики
столы уличные / outdoor
Уличный / для помещений
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