Перчатки для фитнеса женские inSportline 8948-XS Gufa (3663) натуральная кожа

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Women’s Fitness Gloves inSPORTline Gufa with knitted back are made of cotton in the finger area and leather in the palm area. The gloves are permeable and have excellent ventilation. Their advantage lies in foam padding in the palm area and Velcro fastening. Women’s Fitness Gloves inSPORTline Gufa combine knitted elegance with practicality and protection while exercising. The Quick Undress system helps with taking the gloves off easily, which allows for more comfort. With these gloves, you can be a lady even at the gym.

Technical description:

  • Knitted back of the hand
  • Permeable
  • Functional ventilation
  • Foam padding
  • Velcro fastener
  • Quick Undress system
  • Material: cotton, leather
Palm Circumference
14-16 cm
16-18 cm
18-20 cm
20-22 cm
22-24 cm

Производитель и модель
  • Производитель Insportline
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