Коврик защитный Avero 0.6 см 20646 / 9 шт. 33х33 мм (3439)

Артикул 3439
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Heavy Duty Floor Mat inSPORTline Avero 0.6cm

Made of solid and durable PVC and polypropylene, the Heavy Duty Floor Mat inSPORTline Avero 0.6cm is a mat that protects the floor underneath it from damage. The mat consists of nine 333mm squares, covering an area of exactly one square meter. The puzzle pattern of the individual pieces allows you to choose the shape and size of your mat (i.e. it doesn’t always have to be a square). This mat is perfect under cardio machines, heavy weights or just about any multifunctional workout stations. Thanks to their puzzle shape, the individual pieces will fall into place and stay together (you can use a rubber hammer to secure the pieces in place).

Technical description:

  • Puzzle shaped pieces
  • Floor protection
  • Piece dimensions: 333 x 333 mm
  • Thickness: 6 mm
  • Number of pieces: 9
  • Material: PVC, polypropylene
  • Piece weight: 0.9 kg
Производитель и модель
  • Производитель INSPORTLINE