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Ролик массажный для ног 21988 (4290) inSPORTline

Ролик массажный для ног 21988 (4290) inSPORTline
Ролик массажный для ног 21988 (4290) inSPORTline

Ролик массажный для ног 21988 (4290) inSPORTline

Код товара: 4290
На складе
180 леев

по Кишиневу 100 леев
по Молдове есть


Foot Massager inSPORTline Emms

The Foot Massager inSPORTline Emms is a flexible roller for an inner foot acupressure point massage. It helps relieve foot pain, speed up recovery and improve blood circulation in your feet, delivering oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. You can change the intensity of your massage yourself by putting different amounts of pressure on your feet. If you press harder against the roller, you activate the side wheels that will massage the backs of your feet. The massage stimulates the immune system, blood circulation and activates nerve endings and zones which are important for the proper functioning of organs. You can use the Foot Massager inSPORTline Emms both at work when you are sitting at your desk or at home when you are watching TV. 

Technical description:

  • Practical foot massager
  • Improves blood circulation and stimulates immune system
  • Comfortable flexible material
  • Helps relieve stress
  • Helps speed up recovery
  • Weight: 135 g
  • Dimensions: W 8 cm x H 8 cm x L 11 cm
  • Inner length: 9 cm
  • Material: TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin)

Exercised body areas:

Производитель и модель
Основные характеристики
массажер механический
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