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Скамья для гиперэкстензии inSPORTline Body-Solid GRCH322 1156 (4298)

Скамья для гиперэкстензии inSPORTline Body-Solid GRCH322 1156 (4298)

Код товара: 4298
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GRCH322 Body-Solid Back Hyperextension

Fitness professionals all over the world consider GRCH322 Body-Solid Back Hyperextension the best in its category, thanks to the precise exercising of your lateral ab muscles, lower back and glutes without putting strenuous pressure on your joints. The high-quality DuraFirm padding will make your training more than comfortable. GRCH322 Body-Solid Back Hyperextension has a large base to prevent the equipment from tilting from side to side and is recommended for all types of gyms.

Technical description:

  • stable and robust steel construction
  • High-quality, double stitch DuraFirm padding for comfortable training
  • Large foam cylinders can be vertically and horizontally adjustable to fit your body shape
  • Padding thickness: 9.5 cm
  • Foam roll width: 2 x 20 cm
  • Frame profile: 51 x 76 mm
  • Dimensions: length 114 cm x width 66 cm x height 109 cm
  • Weight: 31.75 kg
  • Category S – recommended for all types of gyms

Exercised body areas:

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