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Все категории

Макивара Yakimasport 100351 (4870)

Макивара Yakimasport 100351 (4870)
Макивара Yakimasport 100351 (4870)

Макивара Yakimasport 100351 (4870)

Код товара: 4870
880 леев

по Кишиневу 100 леев
по Молдове есть


Innovative technological solutions and the best materials give us an absolutely top-notch product! The discs are slightly profiled, and their ergonomic shape fits perfectly to the trainer's forearm, making it easier to hold them in the right position. Made from the highest quality synthetic leather for maximum performance during the toughest training sessions! Filled with a special foam that spreads and absorbs the strongest impacts. A practical fastening system that perfectly matches the shield is responsible for protecting and stabilizing the wrist, thanks to which they will not move when taking a blow.

• Ideal for working on complex combinations of punches and kicks

• Lighter than classic pao shields

• The several-layer foam padding dampens even the strongest impacts

• Practical clasp - prevents discs from sliding and ensures a snug fit

• Solid construction - it will withstand the hardships of any workout

• Slightly profiled, curved for better impact accuracy

• Top quality cow leather

• Price for 1 item

• Dimensions in cm: 41 x 25 x 10

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