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Стол теннисный Sponeta Outdoor 4-72e green (4811)

Стол теннисный Sponeta Outdoor 4-72e green (4811)
Стол теннисный Sponeta Outdoor 4-72e green (4811)
Стол теннисный Sponeta Outdoor 4-72e green (4811)

Стол теннисный Sponeta Outdoor 4-72e green (4811)

Код товара: 4811
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  • stationary, compact net set
  • net holding profile with fixing plate, post outside and inside for adjusting the height with a height adjusting screw, powder-coated
  • net: black, with loop (Ø 8 mm)
  • stretching cord with hook for tightening the upper edge of the net
  • measurement: l= approx 180 cm x h=15,2 cm
  • plastic keder Ø 6 mm in accordance with the height of the net
  • melamine resin board 5 mm
  • colour: green
  • limited impact-resistant
  • top resistant against dampness
  • strongly fixed with metal frame
  • frame profil L-50 mm, powder-coated
  • Compact (type 4b)
  • spuare-profile 30 x 30 mm, powder-coated
  • 4 double wheels (diameter 128 mm) with rubber tread, all wheels are manoeuvrable
  • bat and ball holder on one side
  • balance of different standing positions and unevenness up to 30 mm through height adjustment on the outer legs
  • playback-position possible (for solo training)
  • SMS (Smart Manual System)
  • handle visible from all sides and in any position
  • drawbar underneath the tabletop unlocks both of the safety devices simultaneously
  • simple and automatic click-mechanism in storage and playing position of the table
  • frame profile colour: blackgrey
  • undercarriage colour: blackgrey
  • including assembly instruction with language booklet
  • accessories (bats and balls) not included in scope of delivery
  • playing position: l=274 cm x w=152,5 cm x h=76 cm (in accordance with international dimensions)
  • storage position: l=152,5 cm (with net 184 cm) x w=72 cm x h=155 cm
  • Type A - Single carton for vertical transport

    • stable single carton for one piece of table tennis table
    • labeling of the cartons with product description, article number and GTIN-Code
    • H = 162 x L = 144 x B = 9 - 15,5 cm (depending on the model)
  • net weight: 59.5 kg
  • gross weight (including packaging): 65 kg
Производитель и модель
Основные характеристики
стол уличный / outdoor
Уличный / для помещений
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