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Система подвесных тросовых шкивов 22981 (6186) inSPORTline

Система подвесных тросовых шкивов 22981 (6186) inSPORTline

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Suitable for home use, the Suspension Cable Pulley System inSPORTline Puley 100 is an effective training and rehabilitation tool that allows you to exercise multiple upper body muscle groups – shoulders, back, biceps, triceps, pecs and abs. This system is space-saving – all you have to do is hang it on a pull-up bar, an eyelet or any other holder in a ceiling or a wall, load weights and start working out. The rubber stopper at the end of the cable protects the mechanism from damage in the event that you accidentally let go of the handle or it slips out of your hand. 

The Suspension Cable Pulley System inSPORTline Puley 100 features high-quality SKF 6202-Z ball bearings that ensure smooth operation. Thanks to the solid steel construction of the pulley and the steel cable, the system can hold a load up to 160 kg. 84-cm-long and 2.5-cm-wide, the load strap is long and solid enough for all kinds of weight plates. Also included in the set are the double-handed tricep strap, the single-handed handle, the three solid carabiners and the strap for attaching the pulley to a pull-up bar or any other anchor point. 

Technical description:

  • Space-saving solution for an effective upper body workout
  • Can be attached to a pull up bar or any other anchor point using a strap
  • Long and durable steel cable with a rubber stopper
  • High-quality SKF 6202-Z ball bearings
  • 3 steel carabiners
  • Long load strap
  • Extensions: double-handed strap, single-handed handle
  • Cable dimensions: Ø 0.5 x L 250 cm
  • Pulley dimensions: Ø 5.5 x L 2.5 cm
  • Load strap dimensions: W 2.5 x L 84 cm (incl. eyelets)
  • Pulley attachment strap dimensions: W 3 x L 26 cm (incl. eyelets)
  • Weight: 0.9 kg
  • Max load: 160 kg
  • Material: steel
  • Suitable for home use
  • Weight plates are NOT included
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