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Носки компрессионные антибактериальные р.39-42 inSPORTline 24213 (7033)

Носки компрессионные антибактериальные р.39-42 inSPORTline 24213 (7033)

Код товара: 7033
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The Compression Socks inSPORTline Compleano AG+ are comfortable activewear socks suitable for sports as well as everyday use. To increase their antibacterial properties and to prevent mold growth and odors, a polypropylene material (Siltex AG+), which contains silver ions, was added to the fabric. Thanks to its unique cross section, this material efficiently wicks sweat away from the skin. The elastane in the fabric makes the socks stretchy and therefore allows for a perfect fit, while the reinforced soft panels on high-stress areas provide additional comfort.

The compression material helps reduce swelling in the feet, promote blood circulation in the legs and therefore oxygenate blood. These socks can also help you recover faster after intense physical activity as compression helps remove lactic acid produced during strenuous exercise from the muscles. As a result, your legs will feel lighter and less tired. That’s why every athlete should have a pair. However, the Compression Socks inSPORTline Compleano AG+ are suitable not only for athletes, but also for those who often go on long trips or have sedentary jobs.

Technical description:

  • Unisex activewear socks with slight compression
  • Compression panels at the instep and shin areas
  • Standard length
  • Elastic
  • Reinforced at the sole and back of leg areas
  • Siltex AG+:
    • Polypropylene fibers with silver ions to maximize antibacterial properties
    • Polypropylene fibers with a unique cross section for effective sweat removal
  • Material: 82% Siltex AG+ (polypropylene with silver ions), 15% polyamide, 3% elastane
  • Made in the Czech Republic
  • Wash at 30°C, do not use fabric softener (it decreases the socks’ functionality)
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