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Free-Standing Boxing Trainer Prosmart TLS-G

The Free-Standing Boxing Trainer Prosmart TLS-G is perfect for practicing your kicking and punching technique. Moreover, boxing helps maintain correct body posture, improve fitness and relieve stress. This boxing trainer helps you practice your punching speed, accuracy, power and endurance. The height of this trainer can be adjusted into 8 positions (from 150 to 180cm). The outer part of the Boxing Trainer Prosmart TLS-G is made of synthetic leather. The 90L plastic base can be filled with either sand or water (it is recommended to fill it with water). All of the above makes the Free-Standing Boxing Trainer Prosmart TLS-G a popular and sought-after product.

Technical description:

  • High-quality, height-adjustable boxing trainer
  • Shock-absorbent
  • Helps improve fitness and relieve stress
  • Perfect for practicing kicking/punching speed/accuracy
  • Body material: synthetic leather
  • Base material: PVC
  • Base diameter: 58cm
  • Base height: 75cm
  • Base volume: 90L
  • Body height: 60cm
  • Total height: 150 – 180cm (8 positions)
  • Weight: 8kg (when not filled with sand/water)
  • Perfect for practicing your kicking and punching technique; helps maintain correct body posture
  • Suitable for both commercial and non-commercial use
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